“When I decided to self-publish my psychological mystery The First Lie, I could have opted to do everything myself. I have a background in publishing (before the ebook revolution), and it’s now possible to do it all. Many indie authors go it alone but the products are often unprofessional, even embarrassing. I had no illusions that my book would make the bestseller list but I wanted to be proud of it. I decided to save my energy for marketing the first book and writing the next book and to use ebookedit for my editing and file conversion. What a relief to have them on my team! I’ve worked with editors in the past, and Nicola has a rare mix of four crucial qualities: positive support, an extensive understanding of fiction styles, truthfulness, and a high level of skill (particularly in structural editing). She has always found the gifts in my writing and reminded me of them. She has helped me wrestle with categorising the book and applied her advice appropriately to my genre. She has always pointed out the problems as she saw them even when I didn’t agree with her – with the result that I incubated a solution that lifted the book to a whole new level. And her ability to hold a hundred themes in her head and restructure a 90,000-word manuscript, transforming it from clunky to seamless, is truly awesome. Her support has given me the confidence to believe in my book throughout the redrafts and to self-publish after publishers decided against it. I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially to indie authors who might otherwise feel very alone. And Keith was there throughout the file conversion process, making my part in it easy and (almost) fun! It’s a very personal and supportive service they offer, just what I needed as I launched my precious work. I’ve booked them up for my next book.”   Virginia King, author of The First Lie and The Second Path

“I highly recommend ebookedit’s file conversion service. Keith gave me clear guidance on all the elements I needed to pull together to prepare Capital Misfits for ebook conversion. He then converted the book into formats suitable for the major ebook retailers. As part of the service I received a copy of ebookedit’s guide to independent publishing, which provided comprehensive information on all aspects of independent publishing, including the pros and cons of selling my ebook through particular platforms. Keith was incredibly professional, responsive and efficient, and had a wealth of publishing knowledge he was happy to share with me. I was extremely satisfied with the end product.”   Julie Koh, author of Capital Misfits

“Independent publishing is a team effort, and integral to that team is an editor who understands your vision and the story you want to tell. Nicola does both, and my books are so much better as a result.  Editing is not always pleasant, but working with Nicola is a gentle and collaborative process. Her goal is, quite simply, to help your book be the best that it can be. And when it comes to the actual process of publishing? It couldn’t be easier. Keith understands the business and takes the hassle and mystery out of file conversion. I wouldn’t trust my books to anyone other than ebookedit.” Joanne Tracey, author of Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry

“I can’t recommend Nicola and Keith from ebookedit highly enough. Nicola did an excellent job of structurally editing my manuscript. She had such a clear eye for the essence of my story that her suggestions were impossible to dismiss – what to enlarge upon, what to remove and where to rearrange. Rapidly my manuscript took on the shape of a book. I was also impressed by her copy edit, which gave my work a beaut flow and removed those many grammatical errors I was unfamiliar with. She is a most generous, thoughtful and positive editor, especially for a first-time author to work with. Keith wonderfully transcribed my book into a professional print and ebook format. I loved the way he interwove my paintings and photographs and was helpful in my choices of colourings and fonts.”   Fabia Tory, author and illustrator of A Book of Not Forgetting

Lisa Heidke The Callahan Split

“Ebookedit edited, produced and published my sixth novel, The Callahan Split. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. Nicola O’Shea and Keith Stevenson were professional, enthusiastic and encouraging every step of the way and I was thrilled with the final result. I highly recommend the service and will definitely be using ebookedit again.”   Lisa Heidke, The Callaghan Split




“Nicola was exhilarating to work with. I felt for the first time that someone had read my novel and really understood it ‒ could see what I was trying to achieve. Nicola was able to deconstruct the book’s components, and provide insightful tips on where to deepen and simplify the plot and characters with incredible perception. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with Nicola on my next novel.” Viv Ronnebeck, author of The Ignition Effect




“Although I’m a published author, the formatting side is completely foreign to me. Ebookedit did a great job to a high standard. They communicated well throughout the process, and made it easy with their professionalism, reliability, and fast turnaround. If only everything in publishing was this easy! I thoroughly recommend them to any author.”   Mitchell Hogan, author of A Crucible of Souls



“To all established and budding writers who believed that achieving self-publishing for the first time would surely be easier than designing a rocket-ship to the moon, and who are now investigating the ebookedit site because they have realised otherwise: let me assure you that you have arrived at the right launch-point. In getting book one of my trilogy ready to publish, I spent months slowly ticking a hundred to-do boxes, but the last few ‒ preparing the manuscript for the many ebook and print-book variations for publishing platforms and my author website ‒ had more hair-pulling complexities than all the others combined. Ebookedit created all variations in a single package, assisted with and pulled together all the necessary components into the right places, including ISBNs, CiPs, copyright, front and back matters, cover inclusions, logo placements and more. I take comfort in that every variation meets the exacting criteria of the many platforms I intend to print and publish on. I had only one ‘complaint’: I actually wrote to ebookedit that I considered their fees too low for the amazing amount of time and worry taken off my shoulders, allowing me to get back to doing what I do best ‒ writing another novel! I am now ready to push the button for the launch …”   Rickard Isachsen, author of Isabella, The Legend of the Little General