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The easiest way to create an ebook is to take your finished Word file and load it onto a publishing platform like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Once the file’s uploaded, you can start selling right away. However, files that undergo this kind of automatic conversion process aren’t always the best quality. When you look at your ebook on an ereader or tablet, you may find it has formatting or other technical problems. And if you want to make your ebook available on multiple ebook-selling platforms (e.g. Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple iBooks) you will need to format your ebook file differently to meet the specific needs of each platform, which can entail a lot of work.

At ebookedit, we can do all that for you with our file conversion service. Our converted files give you a finished ebook that looks smart and professional and can be uploaded on all available platforms without the need for platform-specific file formatting. This saves you a lot of time and work, and ensures your ebook is consistent across the whole range of ebook and print book retailers.

All our files are professionally produced using the latest Adobe InDesign software. Our epub files are tested to Independent Digital Platform Forum standards, our Kindle files are validated by Amazon Kindle software and our print book files meet high quality digital printing requirements. If there is ever a technical problem with a file we supply to you, we will replace it free of charge.

We offer authors a range of ebook and print-on-demand file conversion services.

For ebooks, we provide two epub files and one mobi file to meet your needs and the needs of different publishing platforms. Epub files can be uploaded to etailers such as Amazon, Smashwords, Apple iBooks and Kobo, or sold direct to readers through your own website. You can sell mobi files through your own website to readers for use on their Amazon devices.

For our print-on-demand-ready PDF files, we offer two popular templates. The Australian B format (198mm or 7.81″ high x 129mm or 5.06″ wide) is popular in Australia and the UK. It’s accepted by Australian printers, Ingram Spark and Amazon’s CreateSpace site. The American Trade format (228.6mm or 9″ high x 152.4mm or 6″ wide) is accepted by Ingram Spark, Lulu and CreateSpace. We can accommodate different print-on-demand sizes for an additional fee (see Conversion Fees below).

To use our file conversion service you need to supply your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document. Authors who use our ebookedit editing services receive a discount on all file conversion work.

Before you submit your file for conversion, you need to decide what type of file conversion  you require, e.g. mobi, epub and/ or print-on-demand-ready PDF. You’ll also need to provide a cover image. We can advise you on the technical requirements for cover images and if you don’t have a cover designer, we can recommend one for you.

Conversion fees
File conversion pricing depends on the file conversion required and the size of your book. We provide a discount for ebookedit customers who have used our editing services. A further discount is available to ebookedit customers who have used our copy editing service, because the file we provide as part of the copy edit has been properly styled for conversion.

Less than 80,000 words 80,000-150,000 words
Ebook package (mobi and epub) $     199 $     249
Print-on-demand-ready PDF (one standard format size) $     229 $     249
Print-on-demand-ready PDF (non-standard format size) $     249 $     269
Full conversion package 1 (ebook package + 1 standard PDF) $     399 $     449
Full conversion package 2 (ebook package + 1 non-standard PDF) $     419 $     469
Books with multiple images may attract additional costs. These will be discussed with you before work commences.
> 150,000 words price on application
Discounts on file conversion services 10% discount if structural edit done by ebookedit
30% discount if structural edit and copy edit done by ebookedit
Additional work requested following initial file conversion $25 per half hour, billed in half hour blocks

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