Editing your book

ebookedit provides honest, professional feedback on your manuscript. When you work with our experienced editor, you’ll be getting the same level of input and feedback as you would with a traditional publishing company.

Structural edit
A structural edit can help you iron out problems related to plotting, structure, point of view, narrative voice, characterisation, themes, pace or setting.

Your editor will read your completed manuscript and provide a detailed report that identifies problem areas in the work and offers possible solutions to those problems.

DIY structural editing

Fees for structural editing
Up to 80,000 words: maximum fee of $1500
Up to 100,000 words: maximum fee of $1875
Up to 120,000 words: maximum fee of $2250
Up to 150,000 words: maximum fee of $2700

Copy edit
Once you’ve resolved any structural problems in the work, you might choose to have the manuscript copy edited.

A copy edit focuses on the details of your text, highlighting awkward or ambiguous phrasing, pointing out grammatical or spelling errors, flagging repetition, and checking for continuity and consistency.

At ebookedit, we edit onscreen in Word using track changes. We provide you with an edited Word document that shows suggested changes and comments, and you decide which changes to accept and which to reject. We also provide instructions on how to work with track changes in Word.

Fees for copy editing
Copy editing is based on a rate of $65 per hour. A copy edit might take between 25 and 80 hours, depending on the manuscript’s word count and how much editing is required. The cleaner your manuscript, the less time it will take to edit it.

Tips for cleaning up your manuscript before you send it to your copy editor

To work out how much it would cost to copy edit your manuscript, we ask you to email us 5000 words from the middle of your book and to provide the word count of the full manuscript. By editing that extract we’ll be able to give you a quote for the cost of copy editing the full manuscript.

Please note: we only copy edit manuscripts that have been through our structural editing process.

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