Writing and editing non-fiction

Guest post by Kit Carstairs of The Manuscript Agency   Writing and editing non-fiction manuscripts has more in common with fiction than you may realise. Regardless of the content, it is important to draw your reader into your writing. Both fiction and non-fiction authors use the same principles to create works that are emotionally and intellectually engaging.     These […]

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Our services

ebookedit is here to help you turn your manuscript into a finished book.

Our services are designed to provide you with the maximum amount of flexibility and control over your work throughout the self-publishing process.

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Marketing your book

As a self-published author, you need to be prepared to become your own marketing/PR person. There are many websites and blogs that offer excellent advice to self-published authors, but here are some tips to get you started. Establish yourself within your writing community and your chosen genre Join your local writers’ centre, get to know other authors, go to events […]

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What is a structural edit, and will it improve your book?

A professional editor approaches a manuscript in two stages. The first stage – the structural edit – focuses on big-picture elements such as narrative voice and point of view, characterisation, plot, story structure, pace. The second stage – the copy edit – is all about the details of the text, looking at sentence structure, writing style, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and […]

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Copy editing tips for authors

Copy editing is usually the most expensive part of the editing process because it requires your editor to read every word and every punctuation mark in your manuscript, often more than once. Here are some things you can do yourself before you send your manuscript to a copy editor. Spell-check Always run a spell-check over your manuscript before you send […]

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Indie author Toni Brisland talks about publishing and promoting books for children

Australian author Toni Brisland writes books for children. She has published two novels in her DemiChat series (a Sherlock Holmes spoof), with a third due for release this year. The first, DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery, is on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge Lists for Years 5–6 and selected readers in Years 7–9, and on the South Australian Premier’s […]

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